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The maker behind the flutes

Back in 2015 I discovered flutes, and it was love at first sight! I had a peculiar urge to try building a flute from any materials I could find around me, and my enthusiasm exploded when I managed to produce sound from my own creation right away! They weren't beautiful, perfectly tuned melodies, but there was sound after all. Since then, I've been devouring information, and honing my skills in crafting wooden flutes. Today, I'm proud to say I've found a profession as a flute maker.


As a lifelong craftsman, I believe in my work and try to refine every angle of it as perfectly as I possibly can. Since the beginning of my journey, I've had a vision that I've set my path towards, and now I want to proudly present and share my creation with you!


– Teemu Pyhtilä


For each flute, the trees are carefully selected, and every stage of the process is carried out with special accuracy. This creates an instrument that will last for generations, and the valuable mark left by craftsmanship on this world is complete.

Mikämaa is a Finnish wooden flute manufacturer

Mikämaa was founded in 2018 in Hailuoto, the largest island in the Bothnian Sea. The island's peace, and its pristine nature, are a significant source of strength and inspiration.


All the flutes are handmade from the beginning, using as much Finnish natural materials as possible. Our main choice of wood is Finnish birch, which is especially well suited for musical instruments. Birch is a hard, beautiful, and ecological wood.

The Native American style flute

The flutes we produce are styled after Native American flutes, originating from the indigenous peoples of North America.


The exact origin story of the flute is not well known due to a lack of written records, but it is said to be inspired from the well-known peace pipe of Native American peoples.
 The oldest surviving Native American flute dates back to the 19th century. The modernization and standardization of the flute began in the mid-20th century, transforming it into the instrument we know today.

We are constantly making new creations!


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